In life, I’ve noticed that many express their significant experience of stress at the season we call Christmas.  Longer work hours.  Aggressive and tired shoppers.  Financial challenges.  Reminders of family fractures.  Loneliness.  And sometimes, envy.

So when chins drop, or eyes tear up at Christmas, I am often reminded of the crying that happens in private as many of us feel the pain of brokenness.

We don’t have a quick fix, or even a remedy that engages all life narratives.  We lean heavy into Jesus and his love, compassion, and comfort, but even Jesus said we will have trouble in this world.  So we validate your pain; we hear your questions; and we want to be present with you in the journey of life.

So if you’re still reading this blog, and live within driving distance of our church, why not drop by on a Sunday at 10 AM or during the week and maybe we can discover together how Christmas, tears, and the wonder of Christ can co-exist and bring joy in stressful seasons.  Who knows, it may change your perspective?

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