I grew up in a bigger family. As a family we enjoyed playing board games. As one of the youngest, I realized I had to be competitive to have a sense of value around the table. But I’ve quickly learned that winning has momentary ecstasy. There are 4 signals that arise whenever the whole groups has a great time!

  1. Bring a Smile! Disengaged or dissatisfied or discouraged faces make games miserable. Come with a smile. Before the games start the atmosphere is already more enjoyable.
  2. Bring a Friend! When we play a game with someone we identify with, the dynamics are always more enticing. When a participant feels “ganged up on” the joy leaves for everyone. Competitive people and sore losers have to be cautious here. Bring a friend and smile and your sense of safety and security is already higher.
  3. Bring a Game! It sounds redundant, but so often people show up for a games night with no forethought of what they would enjoy playing. That is the wonder of online gaming because you all log in with a desire to play. A shared desire to play creates community quickly, regardless of geography, demographic, or education. So bring a game or a concept of the style of game – Strategy Games (chess, checkers, Risk, Settlers of Katan…)? Word Games (Taboo, Balderdash…) ? Community (Pictionary, Charades, Cranium…)?
  4. Bring a Snack! Food makes everything more enjoyable and takes the social edge off when you have something to nibble.

We want to give this a try! On Friday, January 17, 2020 we are hosting a Games Night at Cambridge Street Baptist Church (28 Cambridge Street North, Lindsay Ontario) at 6 PM! Family fun! Bring a smile! Bring a friend! Bring a game! And bring a snack!

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