Do you have a favourite book? If so, what is it? One of my favourite books is the last book of the Bible called, Revelation.

As a teenager I started to read Revelation one night. It was so compelling I couldn’t put it down! But after reading 11 chapters that were filled with hope, love, and clarifying perspective, I felt amazed and overwhelmed all at the same time! I made a vow; “I will finish this book tomorrow night!”

The next day I couldn’t wait to get home from high school.  All day I was wondering what would come next!  I got home and ran to my bedroom to finish reading Revelation.  When I finished, I remember closing the Bible and feeling like I had read the greatest story ever!

The wonder of my teen years has never left me. I believe you may want to experience the wonder, love, and blessings of Revelation too! As such, at Cambridge Street Baptist Church, we will be taking a journey through Revelation over the next 8 weeks (January-February 2020). The message series is entitled “Discipleship on the Edge” based on the book by Darrell Johnson. You can join us live at 10 AM on Sundays to experience the love of our church and the dynamic of growing together or you can choose to listen online HERE

Darrell Johnson


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