Music and Outreach[1]

Staff Position


This part-time position (averaging 10 hours/week) would work under the leadership of the Pastor in building an inspiring music ministry for worship services and developing and implementing missional music programs.


  1. Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord;
  2. Affirms and supports our Basic Baptist Beliefs;
  3. Grade 7+ piano or equivalent; 
  4. Ability to provide a blend of inter-generational musical styles;
  5. Ability to lead worship teams to create dynamic worship;
  6. Abilitytocommunicate effectively; using collaborative team decision-making;
  7. Ability to effectively manage time and stress; as well as to design, organize; and delegate effectively.
  8. Demonstrates the ability and passion to facilitate effective outreach ministries.

Ministry Objectives:

Worship Life:

  1. Provide inter-generational worship music on Sundays (9:00 -11:30 am) consistent with the congregational culture and goals while using collaborative decision-making with the Pastor and the Worship Planning Team.
  2. Facilitate musical details and technical aspects of worship (music license, bulletin inserts/details, Power point, sound, videos, lighting, etc.).
  3. Provide special musical events and services as required.
  4. Equip, empower and encourage musicians and all music ministry team volunteers.

Missional Life:

This person will work within a team, coordinated by our Pastor, by providing music ministry in the following ways:

  • Children: Provide music for a children’s weekly program.
  • Young Adults: Provide music to support a monthly young adult ministry.
  • Seniors: Provide musical support to Nursing Home services on Sunday afternoons (30-minute services about 6-8 times per year).
  • Community:  Plan, coordinate and participate musically in community events such as the: Lindsay Exhibition Good Friday Service; or special events within the community.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Funerals & Weddings:  Assist the Pastor, where requested, with providing or finding musical support for church-centred funerals or weddings.  Appropriate honorariums will apply.
  • Instrument Maintenance:  It is your responsibility to ensure the musical instruments are well maintained (tuning, repairs, etc.).


You will be accountable to the Pastor. A bi-annual review will be conducted for the first two years by the Pastor and Council Representatives.


  • One week (10 hours) of paid vacation will be accrued for every four (4) months of service in a twelve (12) month period. Vacation to be determined in coordination with the Pastor.  You will be responsible to schedule suitable musicians in your absence.


  • Salary to be $10,400.00 per annum and paid bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of each month.

Interested Candidates should submit a resume to Skyler Boadway ( by November 30, 2019.

[1] Outreach means having a missional focus that demonstrates that we are attempting, “To love all people and lead them into a relationship with Jesus” (Our Mission).  Meaning, in music we find ways to communicate God’s love and inspire people to help a broken world.